Hyperro Talks rejects the idea of external experts armed with ultimate truths, and instead moves towards activating the valuable insights that each employee holds. It’s the art of asking the good question, rather than focusing on the right answer; it’s a spontaneous method and a reflexive practice, providing the possibility to create a greater, shared image of what we’re doing, talking about, making, creating, and working with.

Hyperro views organisations and what they do from an anthropologist's perspective, as if they were remote tribal communities, encountered for the first time. We illuminate the practices and belief systems of organizations, by giving employees the opportunity to describe their situations, experiences, and challenges themselves. The human and social sciences permeate our method, an approach which creates insight and understanding of phenomena. By putting theory, information, and experience into play and relating it to the questions and issues that arise along the way, we bring forth new knowledge about the organisation.