Hyperro emerges from the explosive meeting between the worlds of cultural producer Mette Ohlendorff and of Edmonia Baker, MsC in Leadership & Management studies – a collision between widely different skills and experiences that creates something magical, something insightful, and something where the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Edmonia Baker
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Edmonia Baker holds a MsC. in Leadership and Management studies from Copenhagen Business School. She has many years of experience working with networks and new forms of collaboration. Her work on new perspectives on leadership serves as a source of innovation, creativity, and development. Focusing on management, new ways of collaborating, and technological development, she is an experienced keynote speaker and PhD fellow. It’s in the intersection between people, technology and organizations where she flourishes.

In addition, Edmonia loves to inspire, bring people together, and provide innovative ways for collaboration, bringing about new paths to change and new views on challenges and their solutions. Edmonia’s experience includes international companies, tech startups, and media companies such as; the Institute for Future Studies, Lundbeck, Issuu, DR, Metronome,  and CBS. She is a member of the Academy of Social Innovation, a newly founded think tank, working with methods strengthening cross-sector collaboration and partnerships in both the public and private sector.

Mette Ohlendorff
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Mette Ohlendorff is a Bachelor of Arts from Melbourne, Master of Cultural Production from Malmö and New York, and a PhD fellow in visual ethnography and philosophy at Roskilde University. For the past two decades, she’s worked with visual communication, art, photography, film, entrepreneurship, education, and event planning to develop projects, companies, and people. She focuses on the power and potential of visual media to enhance creativity and knowledge production.

Her extensive experience spans from being a partner and creative director of ArtRebels and Trailerpark Festival, artistic curator and board member of TEDxCopenhagen, chairwoman of Scenario Magazine’s advisory board, talk curator at FAN OUT, to art director and launch expert for feature films at Nordisk Film and the Danish Film Institute. She is an experienced teacher from the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology and the National Danish Film School. In addition, she owns the company Preaching To The Choir and is co-owner of a fashion, photo, and ceramics workshop in Copenhagen.