Hyperro replaces the classroom with comprehensive experiences of what happens when we put ourselves, our work, and organizational complexity into a context of tranquility, art and aesthetic learning processes.

Art and visualisation are important methods that offer a different point of view than what we’re used to. They open our eyes, and provide a foundation for collectively focusing on a given situation, topic, or issue. Our methodology is rooted in the human and social sciences, which we combine with our extensive practical experience.

Hyperro works out of office and gathers people around artworks, visual ethnography, or in producing films and images. These processes form a base for new learning, fresh perspectives, and unexplored forms of collaboration.

Hyperro always seeks to create a free, unpretentious, and informal atmosphere. We do this because we believe that creativity emerges, and new insight blossoms in the intersection between freedom and professionalism, emotion and rationality, structure and deconstruction.

At Hyperro we cultivate what we call Block-Life, a way of being present in the moment and viewing our actions with fresh eyes. It’s the antidote to multitasking; a focus strategy that activates the senses, requires creative thinking, and enables us to focus on the now.