Imagine dogma films and documentary filmmaking as the springboard for a cinematic process seeking to portray your organisational culture. Alternating between the approaches of the researcher and that of the artist, we use the camera to gain insights and knowledge about your organisation.

Traditional visual ethnography forms the base of docugraphy, where anthropologists, sociologists, and documentary filmmakers use still images and film in their research methods. See it as an alternative to classic written analysis, one that perhaps more captivatingly communicates organisational complexity than the written word does.

Hyperro Docugraphy is based on Mette Ohlendorff's background in teaching at the TV-School, the Danish National Film School, and the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology, in her experiences from various film and documentary projects, and in her own visual ethnographic research - combined with Edmonia Baker's experience and research on organisations, management, and corporate culture.