Organizational culture, collaboration and creativity
through art, reflection and visual methods


Elevator Pitch

There’s a song on repeat; it’s about how the world is complex, technology driven, fast paced, and requires constant innovation and flexibility. But what does that mean for the nature of teamwork, leadership and creativity? Hyperro facilitates workshops and processes that strengthen collaboration, leadership and enable creativity. We invite leaders and employees to listen, see and explore collaboration in new ways, through practices and knowledge rooted in art, film and photography - as well as organisation and business. 

Imagine your organization as the plot in a documentary film. Talks that ask questions rather than preach predictable punchlines. Workshops that utilize the power of art to discuss and reflect on team challenges. Retreats that evoke in depth collaboratory practises through filmmaking and reflection. Events stripped of performance anxiety and filled with shared, aesthetic experiences that please the senses. This is what we do.


What you get

Hyperro explores what happens when organizational culture, collaboration, and creativity is placed in the context of art and visual production. Our methodology stems from human and social sciences, and our approach from years of practical experience.

Do you really need to run fast to follow? Is cross-functional collaboration actually important? Is innovation the only way to originality? Hyperro talks dive into not-so-frequently-asked-questions and embolden participants to investigate and explore the truths we take for granted. We encourage participants to ask new and nuanced questions about commonly accepted answers. This allows us to step away from the deep-rooted patterns of practice; patterns that can stand in the way of the change we seek to create. 

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How many times have we heard “Teamwork is key”, yet observed that most employee appraisals are aimed at the individual? Organizations are, after all, really just a collection of people who work together to get stuff done. That’s why Hyperro workshops always start with the collective. We facilitate collaborative moments for teams to engage in, that turn shared challenges and opportunities upside down. Our workshops always unfold out of office in inspiring and artistic settings.
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Hyperro tailors retreats for small groups of leaders and employees who long for a deep dive into complex issues or challenges. Retreats provide you and your team with a week of nothing but time to indulge in collaboration and creativity, set in beautiful and inspiring locations. We base our process on our block-life philosophy; a focus strategy that activates the senses, demands creative thinking, and creates room to be present and experience the moment. It’s the antidote to multitasking and an exercise requiring time and reflection.
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“Docugraphy” is a visual ethnographic documentary which studies (organizational) culture and presents it through film. Visual ethnography is an established method of gathering knowledge about a given culture, having been used to study everything from tribes and professional athletes, to stock brokers and drag queens. The output is a documentary that, unlike promotional videos and advertising, seeks to portray your real everyday workspace. The docugraphy aims to illuminate moments of honesty and dedication, as well as giving insight into the interactions taking place in your organization.
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We develop, curate, and run events in many shapes and sizes, all of which are  professionally enlightening, highly aesthetic, and comfortable experiences. Hyperro creates a balance between a calm atmosphere and acute intellectual inspiration, that moves rather than simply entertains participants.
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